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An easy-to-use video editor

EaseUS Video Editor is a video-editing program that enables you to create original video content. This software offers a user-friendly interface and both classic and advanced editing tools that you can easily use, no matter your experience. It also provides a video converter feature that supports popular video formats. The free trial showcases all available features without any expiration period but has limitations like watermarks.

A straightforward interface

Upon launching the program, you’re prompted to choose which of these offered aspect ratios you’d like to use: 9:16 (Portrait) for phones or 16:9 (Widescreen) and 4:3 (Traditional) for TV and computer screens. For more options, however, the program advises selecting “File” and then “New Project”. The interface is similar in design to most video editors. The bottom half of the screen displays your timeline while the top half is split between the main tools area and the preview window.

The seven main tools can be found on the left side of the screen. There are tabs of them on the far side, allowing you to switch selections that you can easily drag down to the timeline. The Media tab itself supports simple drag-and-drop of video, audio, and image files to import them. The rest of the tools have over 300 options available. The Text tool offers unique preset text designs for titles and subtitles. You can also create your own by customizing its formatting style and text.

Filters, Overlay, and Transitions add cool visual effects to your video. Meanwhile, Elements act more like stickers you can insert into your project. Lastly, Music is your collection of sound effects and background soundtrack snippets of various lengths. Some of the effects tools’ choices can already be dragged onto the timeline—however, most of them need to be downloaded first by clicking on their download button. The selections are categorized into types and themes for easier browsing. This abundance of choices doesn’t mean that the designs are highly customizable, however.

Edit how you want

The right side of the screen displays the preview window. Here, you can watch how your editing is coming along. You can also adjust the volume and full screen here. It tells you what’s the aspect ratio of the project and when the last auto-save was, as well. Meanwhile, the timeline properly layers the video, text, audio, and other media. Above it are the other editing features like Split, Delete, Crop, and Zoom. The program also allows you to tag the playback sliders with markers.

There are also advanced features like the ability to record voiceovers, a Speech&Text Converter adding in subtitles for you, and a noise reduction tool. The Edit button opens up more options for the selected imported file—showing customizable speed, color, and audio settings for a video, for example. Exporting your project allows you to choose its video or audio format—including the online video platform you want to upload it to—and you can even set in-depth options like resolution, bitrate, and encoders.

The free trial version of the app already offers all features. There is also no limit to the export length. However, the pro version removes some of the limitations. For one, all outputs will no longer have watermarks. The limit of 3 trials for the Speech&Text Converter will be lifted. Plus, you’ll be able to export in 1080p and enhance your voice quality for recording. The pro version has three subscription plans: 1-Month, 1-Year, and Lifetime.

A great choice for video-editing

Overall, EaseUS Video Editor offers both beginner and professional choices when it comes to video editing. The main features’ selections are easy and simple to apply with the drag-and-drop function, and the interface is intuitive for any user—especially with its brief built-in tutorial. The software could use some more customization for the preset effects and video editing tools, but this is still a great package from a free trial alone.

EaseUS Video Editor is an easy and smart video editing tool.

EaseUS Video editor offers simple and quick video editing solutions for both beginners and professionals with its easy to operate design and a great number of advanced choices. 


  • User-friendly interface
  • Over 300 multimedia effects available
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • All features are unlocked in the free trial


  • The effects’ designs aren’t too customizable
  • Most of the effects have to be downloaded first

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